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November 18, 2015

Kinship Day at the Ranch

Kinship Support Services was honored to partner with Horse of the Sun Ranch to hold their second Family Day at the Ranch on November 7th. The Ranch, nestled in the hills of Pine Valley, was the perfect environment to unite kinship families for a day of fun, bonding and the opportunity to meet other kinship families. Over 50 participants, made up of grandparents and other relatives raising children, had the opportunity to join in on the fun, including pony rides, roping lessons, archery, nature hikes and a cowboy demonstration.

YMCA Kinship provides support services to relative caregivers "Kinship Caregivers" who are raising a child of a family member. For most relatives, suddenly becoming a caregiver can be an overwhelming responsibility and Kinship strengthens support systems by offering services to help caregivers preserve the family unit and avoid the entry/re-entry of children into the foster care system. Providing events at the Ranch is crucial to help families bond and grow social networks.

Horse of the Sun Ranch is a nonprofit organization that provides an array of equestrian and nature based activities and programs for military families and underserved youth. We truly value and appreciate the relationship with such a generous organization and we are so thankful for the staff and volunteers who helped to put this event on.

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